Can you make your depression worse?

Can depression be self-inflicted?

Depression, a true clinical depression, can NOT be self-inflictred.

As you know if you currently suffer depression, no one in their right mind would “make” themselves depressed.

Once depressed, do we self- exacerbate our depression? Absolutely.

We do it in a lot of different ways. Probably unique to each of us.

I did it to myself. Often, by not pushing myself enough. Others make their depression worse by staying too busy to avoid facing their pain.’

Some do it by eating all the wrong foods; others make it worse by starving themselves.

Here’s a short list of other self-sabotaging attacks:

  • Constantly talking about how depressed you are. Not making your bed.
  • Eating excessive junk food.
  • Not exercising.
  • Watching too much TV
  • Not seeking professional help.

That is just a really short list.

How about you? Can you identify the ways you sabotage your recovery?

Your recovery might well depend on it.

God bless you and have a good day.

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