Some pictures of my Christmas decorating. Ideas you might want to try.

These first three pictures are of my hutch.

These are pictures of my three-tiered cart. I’ve had the teapot and mugs for years. The red and white napkins on the pedestal are from Hobby Lobby. They are so cute.

The little “tree cups” are tiny mugs from Hobby Lobby with little trees glue in. I sheared off some of the lower branches. hot glued them and held them down firmly till stuck.

I’ll try to post more pictures if not this week, then next.

We celebrate our Christmas this weekend with our family so this is a crazy busy week.

I sure hope you are having a wonderful week and depression has not raised its ugly head. This is certainly the time of year many people have a hard time.

If there’s been any loss this past year, it makes this season especially hard.

I miss my mom this year. It’s my third year without her.

I miss her frosting cookies with me. She was terrible at it and it didn’t bother her at all.

I would help her decorate her house. She thought I was brilliant.

We would go shopping together. She didn’t like Christmas shopping so her last few years I shopped for her. I enjoyed that.

Then there were the lunches. Boy, I miss her.

How about you? Are you missing someone this year? It’s hard, huh?

It just takes time.

God bless and I hope you have a good week.

(Remember, this blog will be shutting down soon. Please head on over to I have a lot of posts there about depression.)


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