Some pictures for you. DIY ideas for you.

I realize this is after Christmas but my Christmas was so crazy I barely posted anything. I am very happy with this picture I painted for my daughter. There must be 15-20 layers of paint on the sky.

The blocks on the step are some of my favorite things I’ve made. And the next two pictures show how easy it is to use Dollar Tree items and make some really great decorations.

I hope you had a great Christmas. MIne was awesome but way too busy. I’ve made notes for next year to do things differently. I piled things on too close to each other.

How about you? Do you find that you don’t monitor your energy very well? Plus, I’ve been dealing with this SIBO illness for a number of months now. I should have taken that into consideration but I didn’t.

However, I got done most of what I wanted to get done. I was happy how everything turned out. I hope you were too.

God bless and Happy New Year.

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ps. I’m still planning on shutting down this blog but am not totally sure yet. Remember, I have another blog over at that address all the same issues this one does. I hope you’ll follow me there should I quit posting here.


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