Has God ever said something “hard” to you?

I think if we’re honest, all Christians would say, “Yes”. But there is a more important question.

The big question might better be, “What did you do when God said something “hard” to you?”

The rich young ruler in Luke 18:22 didn’t respond well at all.

Most people read this section and think it means Jesus was telling him to give away all his money. Most theologians believe this command of Jesus was because Jesus knew this man’s heart. He knew that money was his downfall.

Jesus was addressing the young man’s heart not his pocketbook.

Had he followed Jesus, he very likely would have found out that the question was much deeper than money.

But here’s the part most Christians overlook.

Jesus did not go after this rich man.

Jesus did not cajole with him.

Jesus did not try to change his mind. Jesus never does any of these things.

And we need to remember that for our own lives as well.

Has Jesus called you to do something and you’re not doing it?

It may be something as simple and yet excruciatingly hard, like forgive someone.

Yes, He does call people to give up all they have but those people are few and far between. Jesus certainly calls us to be responsible for our money. We shouldn’t be excessively hoard it or excessively spend it on frivolous things.

But mostly Jesus calls us to be effective witnesses right where we are. And that may prove the most difficult of all.

God placed a call on my life years ago to write a book. I ignored it for a long time. Who wants to write a book about depression anyway. It brings up lots of bad memories; it’s not exactly a heartwarming subject and writing a book is just plain hard work.

But I’m doing it. It’s almost done and I couldn’t be happier that I responded to the call.

Nothing may come of it but if it helps even one person beat depression (whether I know about it or not), it will be worth it.

Jesus quit calling the minute he laid the challenge out there to the young man.

God can accomplish whatever he wants to accomplish whether we obey or not. There is always someone else who is willing. But he calls us because we somehow have that unique “something” that God wants to use.

Anyway, I hope this post prompted you to examine God’s call on your life.

God bless and have a wonderful day.

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