How to show extra grace this Christmas season

I belong to a small group from our church.

We are discussing Phillip Yancey’s, “What’s so amazing about grace?”

That got me to thinking. What if we were to challenge ourselves to show extra grace during this season?

What is grace?

Grace is kindness.

Grace is manners

Grace is putting others first.

Grace is not a feeling.

Grace is not a “tit for tat”.

Grace is not discriminatory.

So considering all that, can you challenge yourself to show extra grace today?

I’m calling it my “grace challenge”.

So here’s some hints as to how to do it:

  • Smile
  • Give someone your place in line
  • Offer to help an older person with their groceries
  • Put your shopping cart where it belongs.
  • Give a generous tip
  • Smile
  • Let someone know you are praying for them.
  • Bring cookies to someone
  • Visit a shut-in
  • Pay for someone’s coffee or meal
  • Smile
  • Etc.

You can think of lots of different ways other than what I listed.

And if you can do only one thing:


God bless and remember, you will probably be the recipient of grace today yourself.

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