How to have peace at your Christmas gathering


Two days until Christmas. For all of you who have yet to have your big celebrations, I hope you are ready and all is going well.

We’ve already had our biggest celebration but one more to go as well as the most special one, the one between my husband and I. This one is always the most meaningful because it’s the yearly fulfillment of a promise we made to each other as a young married couple.

My husband and I met as teenagers were barely adults when we got married. My parents liked him a lot. His parents didn’t like me at all as I didn’t belong to their particular nomination. Of course, they didn’t know it but my husband had left their faith a long time before we met.

Anyway, we had nothing going for us. No education. Ordinary jobs. No examples of good marriages to emulate, quite the opposite in fact.

We were married in October. Two months later, we celebrated our first Christmas as husband and wife. Neither of us had ever experienced a good Christmas. They were memorable for sure, for all the wrong reasons.

We were determined that all our Christmas’s, starting with the first one, were going to be wonderful.

We had little disposable income. But we made it special. I bought him his first new gun. He bought me a jewelry box.

I am writing a book about our first Christmas. The story is fictional but what isn’t fictional is the promise we made to make every Christmas special. What isn’t fictional is we have kept that promise, for ourselves and our children.

And it’s not because we have had a life of roses. We’ve had our shares of struggles just like other people, unemployment, illness, family issues, financial struggles…But we have worked hard to make every Christmas as good as we can.

Sure, some have been more memorable than others but none of them have been marred by rude behaviors, selfishness, anger, etc.

We’ve never forgotten our promise to each other.

So this Christmas, I hope you decide to make your Christmas as special as it can be.

It really is possible to rise above the pettiness of others.

It really is possible to rise above rudeness.

It really is possible to rise above the tension.

Make a promise to yourself to make your Christmas special by remembering that the gift of Christmas was and is Peace, and we never have to sacrifice our inner peace for anyone. Peace lives within us and is never dependent on others.

I share this story with you because I know how difficult Christmas can be. I lived it. But it’s amazing what God can do when we trust HIm with our Christmas. When we remember that He wants it peaceful for us as well. After all, it’s the birthday of His Son.

God bless you and have a Merry Christmas.

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