A magical store. I love it. And some news about this blog.

My husband and I were in Howell, MI, this past week-end. We wondered into this little store that was just the cutest ever.

It was packed with people and with “stuff”. I’ve included a slideshow for you. But isn’t this chandelier something else?

After we had wondered through the store, a clerk told us there was a tea room upstairs. How cute is this?

My husband and I had tea and cookies.

It was a great day.

How are you doing with your Christmas shopping. I am done except for tweaking a picture of a church I’m am painting for my daughter. This is a very rough “draft”. I’ve done a lot more so far. I will show you the final painting. This is a pretty large piece. I promise to show you the final piece.

Now for some news about this blog. I will be signing off this blog for good in about a week or so.

I wanted this blog to be totally private. It was a place for me to concentrate totally (or at least, almost totally) on writing my book. I am refining it now and getting ready to go the “old” route for a little while and try to get it published with a publishing company rather than going the self-publishing route.

It’s a stretch. I know that.

I think I have a title:


A Christians guide to managing and overcoming depression.

What do you think?

I hope you will all move over to faithsighanddiy.com. The faith part is obvious. The “sigh” refers to depression because one of the symptoms of depression is sighing. in case you didn’t know. The DIY is obvious, too.

I write as much on that blog about depression as I have here. Also, there is a lot of information in the archives.

I’ll still be here a little longer though.

God bless and I so hope this season is going good with you. Remember, if you need to “chat”, you can e-mail me at foxrap@aol.com.

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