My Twig House Village. Adorable.

I hope I can get a wide shot of my twig house village. But I don’t have a fancy camera.

One of my best friends has made me twig houses for years. She keeps adding to them. I feel blessed to have such a friend. The first one is large. You will see that later in this post.

I’m showing you this village because it’s a reminder not to get so busy this Christmas we ignore those most important to us. .

These are not the best pictures and I wish you could see them in person. Some of them are very intricate. As you will see below, some even have curtains.

Just so you know these are not made over milk cartons. She “builds’ the frame from cardboard and it takes her a long time. Sometimes the roofs are cardboard and sometimes sandpaper. They get more intricate every time.

I’m a very task-oriented person and I get really involved in my Christmas crafts, from sewing, to knitting, to painting pictures but I’ve learned to put it all down as needed to spend time with those I love.

God could’ve ignored us as well but He didn’t. He could have continue to create other worlds, other peoples, but as far we know, He didn’t. Instead, he took the time to send His only son to be born in a world of sin knowing He would die a horrible death. God laid everything down for us.

How can we do less for our loved ones?

God bless and I hope this Holiday season is all you want it to be.

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