How to spend time with God when you can’t spend time with God.

Good morning.

I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was so busy I almost didn’t have time to even breathe.

I mean it. It was that busy. I’m sure many of you experienced the same. We’re all trying to fill every minute because summer is fast fleeting.

But I wanted to share how we can pray and spend time with God when we can’t pray and spend time with God.

Did you get that?

Let’s be honest, some days are so filled that taking the time to spend with God would mean getting up at the crack of dawn and then there’d be no energy left to face the day with its necessary obligations.

So before I got out of bed Saturday morning, I prayed for a few minutes. Throughout the day I continued to pray by simply lifting up my prayers as needed.

Some were for family members I was concerned about.

Some was about situations as they arose.

Some were asking God to give me special insight.

I was in a “state of prayer” all weekend.

Face it, this is how we have to do it sometimes. This wasn’t a case of my overscheduling. Circumstances were simply such that I had no choice. I fell into bed exhausted.

But I have to tell you it was a good day. I felt God’s presence and enlightenment throughout the day.

God so wants to spend time with us that I believe we can be creative with how we connect with Him. Why wouldn’t the God of all creativity appreciate our creativity? The whole point is connecting with God.

I learned a lot this past weekend about being in a continual state of prayer. By the way, it wasn’t easy. It was like being in two places at once. One foot was in prayer and the other foot was firmly grounded in reality.

So if you’re wading through a difficult time of depression, you can connect with God how ever you can. God gets it.

Don’t distance yourself from Him because you can’t pray or read the Bible the way you usually do. God gets that, too.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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