A quick and easy way we can improve our moods and feel better

Most people who suffer from depression and anxiety function better when their lives are fairly structured. That doesn't mean they can't be spontaneous but spontaneity might even be easier when we aren't weighed down with so many other decisions.

Depression doesn’t garner empathy. Why?

People who suffer from depression are many times some of the most courageous people we can meet. Their illness doesn't garner the same empathy. After all, everyone gets depressed. Right? No! Depression is far more than just have a few sad days.

Who gets depressed? How do we get depressed?

For the first answer, anyone. It makes no difference one's level of education, socioeconomic status, or intelligence, although depression has been reported to be somewhat more common among those with higher intelligence. It does make a difference if you are female as women are twice as likely to become depressed. Also, strangely enough, people from … Continue reading Who gets depressed? How do we get depressed?