Hope is the first and most important step to overcome depression.

Hope is the first step for overcoming everything, isn’t it?

But what if it feels like hope is gone? And with depression, it often feels that way.

But hope is one of those nebulous qualities that exist the most when we feel it the least. In my thinking, hope is sometimes the only life rope we can be sure exists. If hope is gone, then all purpose is gone. But I don’t believe hope is ever gone.

Jesus says hope is always there, waiting for us to reach out and grab it.

Hope won’t bring back a loved one, of course. Hope won’t bring back a job or change a medical diagnosis. But hope does give us promise that there is something more. There is something in the future for us, something that will bring purpose back in to our life.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”
—Jeremiah 29:11

That verse is as true now as it was in Jeremiah’s day.

I thought about how I felt when I was seriously depressed. (BTW, you can read some of my story on the HOME page. I will be adding to it.) I remember that what I needed most was “hope”. I saw no end to my misery.

Depression robs you of the ability to see past your own hurt and pain.

I’ve tried writing posts that would give you hope even if I didn’t always use that word.

There is someone I love very much. She suffers from a combination of anxiety and OCD. (Obsessive, compulsive, disorder.) I listen. I offer advice as needed. But mostly I let her know, she is going to win this battle.

I give her hope.

God has a plan for you. God has a future for you. God has hope for you. He knows His plans but you don’t have to be worry because you don’t; His plans for you are only for you good no matter how dark it seems now.

If I didn’t believe that I would never have started this blog. But I’ve been there when I’ve felt pretty hopeless. And yet God knew what was in the future for me. He knew that He would use my depression to help others. He had a future and a hope for me that I would never have guessed.

God bless you and remember you can contact me if you just need to connect. Feeling connected to someone when you’re depressed is really important. If you need a connection, I’m here.

Contact and connect. Remember that.

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