Sunday’s are really long when you’re depressed

(This is repost but I wanted to post it again and on this particular Sunday because it’s the first Sunday in the official Christmas season. And I can remember how hard Sunday’s used to be for me at this time of year.)

I always felt that Sundays were the worst. Even though I was a Christian and even though I was a regular church attendee, Sunday afternoons were tough. At the time, I had young children so that kept me occupied and that helped.

But after they were older and had left home, Sundays seem to drag on.

If that’s where you are today, I hear you. I could tell you to pray and read your Bible to get through this day and certainly time spent doing that will only help. But there are all those remaining hours.

I learned to stay busy. I’d bake. Putz around the house. Maybe clean a drawer or a closet. I would try to plan my day early on. I believe a plan helps us manage depression because it gives us a feeling of control.

There will be a time when you will have the courage to hand over the control of your life to the One who is able to give you victory over this illness. If it’s not today, that’s Ok. If it is, all you have to do is do it. There are no magic words. Find the words that work for you.

Just remember that you are not on this journey by yourself. I’d love for you to take a few minutes today and read a story in Exodus 17:10-12. Moses is in the heart of a battle against Amalek. He was directing the war from the top the hill. When he held his hands up, Israel would win. When he brought them down, Amalek won. But his arms were getting tired and he couldn’t hold them up any longer.

So Aaron (his brother) and Hur (a fellow military man) each held up one of Moses’ arm. They were his paracletes. Paraclete means helper.

I was fortunate. My husband was my Paraclete. If you need one today, let me fill that role.

Remember, you CAN beat depression.

God bless and hang in there.

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