Why doesn’t God just make us to the right thing

Boy, I wish sometime God would just MAKE me do that thing I should do but keep putting off.

I mean, really. He can move mountains but unless I cooperate He can’t move me. I find that very frustrating. And yet, if I didn’t have the freedom to choose, ny love for God would be mandatory. He doesn’t want that and neither do I. At the same time though…………

Am I the only one?

And then there are other times I wish He would quit badgering me.

Let’s face it, sometimes, I want God only when I want Him and only for the good stuff.

But I’m not alone.

Scripture is full of stories where God tells people clearly what to do and they don’t do it. I was reading Psalm seventy-eight the other day and time and again there is a verse that says (depending on your version) “they did not remember”. Read the Psalm in its entirety to get the flavor.

I think to myself, “What was wrong with those Israelites? How ungrateful can they be? How could they have been so dense?”

And then my finger points back at me and I ask those same questions of myself.


I read every day about God’s goodness, about how He can do more than I can even imagine, how every task He brings my way, He strengthens me to accomplish it.

And yet…..

I. Drag. My. Feet.

If it something that grabs my attention, I’m all over it but if it something I find dull and boring and just plain hard work, I balk.

One of the prayers I pray most every day is:

“Thank you God, that you love me enough to never give up on me. Thank you for the spiritual “nudges”.

So if you find yourself feeling kind of stubborn today and God has been nudging you as well, please free to borrow my prayer.

Others may give up on us. We may give up on us. But God never gives up on anyone.

God bless and have a wonderful day.

The post, “Why doesn’t God just make us to the right thing” appeared first here today on thegiftofdepression.com.

The post, “Why doesn’t God just make us to the right thing” appeared first here on thegiftofdepression.com


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