How gratitude prompts joy.

How are you doing today?

We are heading to our daughter’s for Halloween. I help pass out candy and my husband goes out with the daughter and son-in-law and takes the little ‘uns trick or treating. This year the weather is supposed to be awful, rain, snow, and cold. Oh, well, can’t change the weather, can we?

However, we can always choose our response to what comes our way.

Easier said than done, though, huh?

One of the ways we do that is by maintaining gratefulness. A grateful attitude is what buoys our attitude and gives us a sense of joy.

When we can name the people and situations we are thankful for, our heart just seems to lighten a little.

The word “joy” is mentioned over two hundred times so it’s obviously something God means for us to “get”. That doesn’t mean we have to feel “happy” about the not-so-good things in our lives.

And joy, first and foremost, comes from a grateful attitude. I’ve never met an unhappy person who felt grateful for anything. At the same time, I’ve never a person who experiences real joy that hasn’t had a grateful attitude.

In other words, it’s nearly impossible to be miserable if you are expressing and feeling gratitude.

The last six months I’ve been dealing with this intestinal issues. While it’s been unpleasant and at times painful, I still found lots to be thankful for, like family, friends, my home, my life, etc.

That doesn’t mean I enjoy any of it, because I don’t. But I know that illness is a part of life and this is just my time to wade through it.

Whatever is plaguing you today, try to find something you can be thankful for. Repeat your thankfulness throughout the day.

Try to make thankfulness and gratitude an everyday, all day “breath” prayer from you to God.

God bless and have a great day.

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