What a day was yesterday!

For about six months, I’ve dealt with what I thought was IBS. But these months have been far more frequent to the point that I’ve been disabled for a couple of days each week. My husband and I are wanting to plan some trips but we can’t because we never know when I might have an attack.

So I’ve been undergoing tests. Today I was tested for something called SIBO, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. Sounds so glamorous, doesn’t it?

Thought I would tell you about it because, well, you never know and if you have to have it done, this might help.

First of all, you have to kind of backtrack because there are a number of medicines, procedures, etc that have to be stopped two weeks ahead of time, some a week ahead of time.

Then the prep diet is kind of tough. Only chicken, fish, egg, clear broth and clear liquid. Only seasonings salt and pepper for the first 12 hours the day prior. You are not even allowed water for the next twelve. Oh, and you can’t brush your teeth either.

In the meantime, I had lost the lab slip so I had to wait till the doctor’s office opened at 9:00 before I could get another one. I had planned to be at the lab by 7:00. So much for that.

I didn’t even get started till about 9:30 and it takes two hours. Here’s the process:

You have to brush your tongue, no toothpaste. Then you drink about eight ounces of this kind of sweet water. It was OK. Then you breathe into a bag. You do that every twenty minutes for the first hour and then every half hour for the last hour.

Needless to say, I was starving and thirsty but I did fine with it. Here’s the part of the test one might need to be aware of. For some people (I was one), it can cause diarrhea with no warning. Thankfully, I got to the bathroom in time! And there were a couple of episodes later. So just be prepared for that.

Outside of that it’s an easy test. I brought books to read and some knitting so I was prepared.

Later that afternoon, I had a mammogram.

So it was quite a day. But I’m so grateful for the good health I have. I could’ve been tested for something far worse. I praise God for my health and the health of my loved ones.

I’m hoping, of course, everything comes back normal.

I hope you’re not facing real medical issues. It’s scary. But if you are I pray it all goes well for you. If you feel anxious, God understands your fear. He wouldn’t have included so many verses in scripture about how to handle fear had He not known we would need it.

God bless you and stay healthy.

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