If you need some fall inspiration, check these out

I wanted to show you some adorable pumpkins that cost me a whole dollar.

It’s a styrofoam pumpkin from the Dollar Tree. Take out the stem and make the opening larger. Use an 18″ piece of fabric, (not too thick), bring up the sides and push into hole working the fabric in. I use scissors (not opened) to push the fabric into the hole.

Decorate with a twig for the stem, some raffia or shredded paper filler and leaves from package of leaves or fabric, felt, or paper.

That’s it. I only kept one of these. I’ve given away the rest.

This one below has a purchased stem. I got these at Hobby Lobby in the wood craft section. As you can see, they are easy to write on.

This one below if from a Dollar Tree scarf. This one has to be done by cutting the scarf in half and tucking it in at the top and the bottom. But the fabric is so thin, it works great.

Hope you enjoyed these. If you need further instructions, there are a lot of tutorials on Pinterest. I have a huge board here that you can check out.

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful fall colors.

God bless and have a great day.

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