When your “mess” needs to be your message

Let your test be your testimony. Don’t just have the “moanys”. You know what the “moanys’ are, don’t you?

Feeling sorry for yourself.

Let’s face it, sometimes “moaning’ is exactly what we feel like doing. I mean life can really feel unfair at times.

And never more so than when you are depressed. I’ve often wondered how really awful people almost never suffer depression.

Actually, I don’t wonder.

The truth is most depressed people are kind and sensitive. Awful people are usually only concerned about themselves. They’re usually the ones who cause other people’s problems.

Instead of wallowing in your “mess”, make it your message. While you are getting better learn about your own depression so you can help others. What is helping you? What isn’t helping you? This will all be useful in the future when someone comes to you and says they are depressed.

I believe we are put on this earth to help others.

That’s what I’m trying to do. I decided none of my tears were going to be wasted. None of my pain.

Sometimes, I only had my own pain to share. And sometimes that was enough. Just knowing someone has been where you are and survived is enough to help a person get through a rough time.

As I moved further and further away from my depression, I had more to offer. And that, too, was good.

All you may have to offer another person right now it just to say, “I understand”. Later, if you’ve learned from your depression, you will have more to offer.

Just don’t let your depression be nothing more than a mess. Make it your message, too.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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