A cute idea for Christmas using a Dollar Tree bag

I made this picture last year. I didn’t take before pictures but I can easily walk you through it.

This was a Dollar Tree Christmas bag. I had a piece of wood paneling that I turned over so I could use the smooth side. You don’t have to use wood though. Buy an inexpensive painting canvas at Hobby Lobby or JoAnns after you decide how big you need it.

Better yet, take your bag with you. All I did was cut out the picture and then using a spray adhesive and following instructions adhered it to the wood. You would follow the same procedure for a canvas.

I attached Washi tape to the edges. Mine was then put on some pallet boards but again, it’s not necessary.

As far as the canvas, you could use any size canvas. You could have no border, a narrow border, a large border. You could paint the canvas ahead of time as well or cover it with fabric or whatever you use.

I haven’t seen this particular bag at Dollar Tree this year but it’s early.

I also gave these “pictures” away as presents. Everyone loved them.

Oh, and one last thing. You could also frame it. I’ve done that too with Dollar Tree bags.

Anyway, I just thought you might need a little encouragement to get you motivated. I find my mood lightens considerably when I’m being creative.

I’ll be sure to post some more inexpensive and quick ideas for you in the future.

God bless and have a great day.

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