I really need your help in deciding on a great title for this book

As you know, I started this blog as a kind of “pre-book”.

Is there such a thing?

Well, it’s very close to being done. But I need your help.

I would love your input on a book title.

It’s a three-month devotional. It begins with about thirty days or so of discussing the various aspects of depression. For example,
“Is Depression Sin?”, and “Know Your Triggers”. Then the last half of the book discusses the “Toolbox” which is what I’ve named the strategies one can use in the battle for good mental health.

I will be giving away a free book if I use your suggestion.

I hope you will help. If you’re uncomfortable posting here, my e-mail is foxrap@aol.com.

Thank you very much and God bless.

The post, “I really need your help in deciding on a great title for this book first appeared here today on thegiftofdepression.com.


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