Don’t be afraid to love your life.

I have decided I”m one of those people who think that a day is much more than twenty-four hours.

I mean I must think that or why else do I tackle more than any one person with a sane mind would?

I see all the great projects on Pinterest. I run out and buy what I need, sure I’m going to finish it that day. And then life happens, and I never get to it.

I hope I’m not the only one.

But I love to do so many different things. I love to work with wood. I love to paint (pictures not walls, that is). I love to decorate and redecorate my home and all that involves. I love making greeting cards. I love reading, knitting, crocheting.

I LOVE blogging and writing. I particularly love my personal time with God, the reading and studying, the praying.

Let’s face it. I have way too many interests and need more hours in the day.

Oh, and none of that includes spending time with my husband, kids, and friends. But I heard a sermon yesterday that encouraged me and made me think, “This is what a joyful, happy life is supposed to look like.” It’s supposed to be filled with anticipation and excitement. We should look forward to each day.

That’s not saying, I don’t need to settle in on a few things or maybe somehow better schedule them into my life, because I do. I need a wife to keep me on track.

l wonder sometimes what God thinks when He sees me so scattered and going from one thing to another. And then I remind myself that He much prefers the busy, excited, interested-in-life person I am now than the one who was depressed and not enjoying her life.

But I can even feel bad about being happy. Like I shouldn’t be when so many others aren’t. But then I remind myself that once I’ve done my best for others, it’s OK to be happy and content.

Don’t throw away your happiness out of some misguided sense of martyrdom. God certainly does not require that of us.

What about you? Are you OK with being happy and fulfilled? Or do you feel guilty about your life at times? Like somehow you don’t deserve it?

If you do, don’t. Your life is your life. You shouldn’t be searching for something to be unhappy about. Enjoy your happiness while you can.

God bless and have a happy day.

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