Don’t you love it when God shows up in unexpected ways?

We have made so many trips back and forth to the cabin in the last few weeks, I wake up some mornings having to figure out which bed I’m in!

As you know we had a lot of storm damage a few weeks back that was pretty severe. It has taken four days for a tree service to get it all cleaned up and that’s with working till almost evening. (By the way, the picture you see here is a microscopic snapshot of the mess we had.)

Then on top of that, we’d contracted to have a small landscaping project done next week. So there’s that. We came home for two days to meet with them.

In the meantime, there are friends up north we wanted to connect with and family that is coming to the cabin this weekend, so we’re heading back up there today and then coming home Sunday.

Whew! Thank goodness the cabin is only two hours away.

Trying to orchestrate all of this has been complicated. The landscaping couldn’t be done until the clean-up was done and the clean-up couldn’t be done until it quit raining.

But it all worked out, The yard is a mess because of all the trucks and heavy equipment but at the same time, there are great possibilities in the woods in front of our house now. I can already visualize it.

I’m excited about the landscaping. We have a circular drive and it has been a mess for years, so this will be great to have this done.

But here’s the thing. Why did I ever doubt it would all work out at the right time?

And I did.

I should’ve realized that God would help us figure all this out.

Doesn’t He always?

Hasn’t He always?

Won’t He always?

But I do feel good about my faith walk through all this. I merely reminded myself that losing a bunch of trees is nothing compared to losing a home due to a hurricane, flood, or fire.

I am an anxious person by nature but not once did I feel that way during these last few weeks.

I kept in constant contact with God through continual prayer. Often I prayed, “God give me grace through this. Help me know you have all this all figured out and that I will look back on this and feel good that I trusted you.”

I am amazed that after being a Christian most of my life, God can still surprise me. God still overwhelms me with His goodness.

I hope you find this to be true today. That God surprises you with a blessing you would never have expected.

God bless and have a great day.


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