Are you worshipping an unknown God?

We are at our little red cabin up north.

We won’t have too many more times up here as we shut the cabin down in October. That’s always such a sad day.

Last Sunday we attended our little church up here. The pastor of this church without a doubt does more research and study than any pastor we’ve ever known.

Last Sunday he gave a sermon on Acts 15:16-34. The part that grabbed my attention was how the many of the people in Athens worshipped an “unknown” God.

Who would to that, I wondered.

Than I thought about it some more.

Am I doing that?

Are there people and/or things in my life I worship that I’m not even aware of?

Sad to say, there are.

How about you?

Are there things in your life that you raise up as more important than they really are?

Your home?

Your job?

Your looks?

Your intellect?

Your talents?

It’s easy to know, by the way.

Whatever you spend the most time thinking about, the place where you put the most effort, these are your unknown Gods.

For me today, in my quiet little cabin with the rain hitting the metal roof, I’ve had some of my personal unknown Gods clearly revealed to me.

We don’t have to berate ourselves. We only have to acknowledge them and make some needed changes in our lives.

God bless you in your own search today.


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