A sad day today as our yard undergoes demolition

As you know we had a severe storm last Sunday. While all other property within miles of us suffered no damage, we weren’t so lucky.

This is just one tree and it’s huge! The tree you see in the background leaning towards the right is even bigger. It is coming down today as well. There are other trees that are down but I couldn’t get a good picture.

Then there is a beautiful maple right at the outside left corner of this room that has to come down because it has been severely damaged.

We have been very worried since Sunday because these two trees that are being taken down are ready to fall down at the next big wind. One would destroy our home, the other our neighbors.

We had been praying about this. Yesterday a tree removal service came out. He called me as soon as he got home and told us he had rescheduled a few of his jobs because he saw the same issues we did. It is dangerous.

We never dreamed he would do that. But….

We shouldn’t have been surprised. God is in the business of answering prayer. We are so very grateful for this quick removal.

But I am a little anxious. This means a lot of change. We will now have a huge area that needs to be cleaned up and landscaped.


The picture below doesn’t begin to show the damage.

Anyway, it’s going to be an eventful day. We pray that these men will be kept safe.

God bless each of you and remember, God answers prayers.


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