Why depression doesn’t respond to quick and easy solutions.

It’s no surprise to anyone that we live in a world of instant gratification. We click on Amazon and order something and now we can get it a day. We can reach out to our friends with a few taps on our phone.

That’s not all bad, either.

But depression isn’t cure immediately, not usually anyway. Instead, we press on knowing God is walking beside us on this journey.

“Forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on…” Philippians 3:13-14

That is probably my favorite verse of all and was my mantra for recovery.

This journey isn’t about the “what”, or the big “why”; it’s about the “Who”. God will not leave you as you confront the part you may have played in either bringing on your depression or exacerbating it.

Don’t be afraid to look at your life and ask yourself, “What could I do differently? “

How am I talking to myself? Are my words encouraging?

How am I talking to others?

What am I doing during the day? Am I staying active?

The apostle Paul was very discouraged at times. I would say he probably even dealt with real depression. I base that on the words he, himself, wrote. But he wrote, “I press on….”

Today, that’s all you have to do. Just keep on keeping on.

But the things that really matter in our life require time. That will never change.  You didn’t get depressed overnight. It took some time. It will take time to get better, too.

I’ve mentioned before about this picture I created years ago. The words from Psalm 91:4 are in bold letter are at the bottom.

This painting has been in every room in our home as I’m constantly changing things. Right now, it’s at the middle of the stairs heading up to our bedroom. I pass it numerous times during the day. It gives me such a feeling of protection knowing God covers me in such an intimate way.

“He will over you with his pinions, and under His wings, you may seek refuge.” Psalms 91:4 Don’t be ashamed to hide under God’s wings when you need to. That’s what they are there for.


How often do you seek refuge?

Are you needing to find refuge today? It’s OK.


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