How I’m using my own tools to help with loneliness

My hubby is out of town this week.

I knew I might experience loneliness so I thought, “Why not put into practice some of the ideas I have shared with you and some of the “tools” I have put in my soon-to-be-finished book.

First of all, I got out of bed every day right on schedule. No sleeping in just because he’s gone. That would not help and I know that.

I’ve had my “God-time” as always.

I’ve exercised as usual.

I’ve eaten as usual.

In the past when he’s been gone, especially if it’s been for more than a week, I’ve let some of the above slide. I’ve indulged myself with too many sweets. I haven’t exercised.

At least, I didn’t ignore my “God-time”.

We should know our triggers.

Do you know yours?

Is loneliness a problem for you?

While we can only stay so busy, it’s still good to have our days planned, to looks forward to accomplishing something every day. It makes us feel better at the end of the day.

Each day as had one big thing I’ve wanted to get done. Yesterday, it was the above mentioned items plus paint my dining room table and sewing pillowcases for migrant families in my son’s school district (He’s a superintendent of a small community in northern Michigan with most of his students coming from migrant families.).

Today is either organizing closets or the basement depending on the weather. The hotter and more humid the weather, the more likely it will be the basement.

Tomorrow is writing all day and possibly taking myself out to lunch.

Thursday is whichever area I didn’t tackle on Wednesday and mow the lawn.

Friday is garage sales and put my dining room back in order.

Somewhere in all this I will continue to paint my table and start priming the chairs. The table will be white and the chairs black. Right now the table is black.

Here’s my inspiration picture.

I tried to find a picture of my present living room so you can compare. It’s not too much different than this (not as big though) one as mine is also black and white. I don’t have the wonderful buffalo plaid chairs but I do have them on backorder.

My dining room set is over thirty years old so a couple of new chairs is a LOT cheaper than a whole new set.

But don’t misunderstand, we can’t stay busy every minute and ignore our loneliness. We should certainly examine our lives if our loneliness is constant. But there is a time and place for examining our lives. Tomorrow I will share with you how I actually “schedule” that kind of self-examination.

Until then, I hope you have a good day and if you’re dealing with some sudden loneliness, plan your days and go to bed feeling good about your day.


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