What the moon landing has to do with God

Did you watch the moon landing hoopla last week?

I did. I even watched a couple of movies: “The Right Stuff”, and “Space Cowboys”.

As I watched the footage last Saturday night, I couldn’t help but imagine how as God added each element, water, sun, skies, animals, man, etc., how it all came together.

Yes, I do believe in the Theory of Creation. You might believe in the Theory of Evolution. (I just want to say that the theory of Evolution IS a theory. So many tout it as fact. Anyway, doesn’t matter in this discussion anyway.)

Personally, I am comforted by the fact that I believe God created this world., (BTW, there is as much evidence to this as there is to any other theory.)

I find believing in a God who can create something from nothing an encouragement. I find it awesome to believe that this same creative God can help me find creative ways to live my life.

Have you ever considered what you believe about God? Have you ever sat down and just contemplated what you might say if someone asked you what you believe?

For me knowing what I believe, being able to articulate what I believe, and knowing why I believe, is fundamental to my life. I think too many people just live their life without ever examining their beliefs.

I’m not afraid to, either. God can stand up to my questions. He invites me to ask. He invites me to examine. He invites me to study.

How about you?

God bless and have a good day.

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