How to handle rainy dark days when you’re not feeling well

When I’m feeling good, I kind of like rainy dark days. I clean out closets, bake, read, just putter around aimlessly. But when I suffered depression it took it to a whole new level.

I would reading a good idea, something “light”. Talking to a friend. Maybe browsing Pinterest. Sometimes watching television was OK as long as it was uplifting and I didn’t become a couch potato in the process.

But as I write today, I’m not dealing with depression but with an ongoing parasitic infection called “crypto” for short. It means I have a parasite living in my intestinal track that has decided to take up permanent residence. I have been treated once for it but with some people it can come back.

Apparently, my little parasite likes where it’s been living. Let’s just say it’s no fun.

Here in West Michigan, we have set a record thus far this year for cloudless, rainy days as has much of the nation. “What to do, what to do?” my mind is asking.

I can’t get too far from the bathroom so that settles it for garage sales today. I’m fairly exhausted from this so I don’t feel like tackling anything too big.

Does this kind of sound like you today?

Depression is bad enough but when you’re battling an tidal of dark days it’s even worse. So while I’m not battling depression itself, I get how you might be feeling because I’m struggling as well, albeit for a different reason.

So let’s make a pact. K?

Let’s decide that no matter how dark and rainy life can get, we will press on. We won’t let the weather add to our misery. We will get up and move. We will find something that spikes our interest today. We won’t let the weather have its way with us.

For me, I’ve decided to crush some toilet paper rolls and paint some faces. “WHAT?” you ask?

I wasn’t kidding. I mean, isn’t he wonderful? There is no tutorial but all you do is take a toilet paper roll and crush it. Then see the face and paint it. (I think I would paint the toilet paper roll first with a base color and then highlight those areas that make it look like a face. I like the gold as a base color.)

Anyway, if nothing else this face gives me a chuckle because it’s just how I feel today. Arrgh!

God bless and have a sunny day.


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