Let the light shine and depression will scurry away.

“…Walk while you have the Light, so that darkness will not overtake you: he who walks in the darkness does not know where he goes.” John 12:35

It’s true. When light shines, everything outside the glow is darkened.

That’s where depression lives.

In the dark.

If you suffer from depression, you probably don’t see any light anywhere. Depression can be very, very dark. And the worst part?

it’s like being in a black room. But if you look closely you see a sliver of light under the door.  And it torments you.

You can remember the “brighter” times and the memories haunt you. You don’t believe you’ll ever feel good again.

Why can’t you just open the door?  That is perhaps just a nicer version of saying, “Pull yourselves up by the bootstraps”. Or better yet, “Get over it.”

While there is a time for you to address your own responsibility, it’s not while you are suffering intensely. Isn’t it interesting that we wouldn’t think of saying that to anyone suffering from any other illness? It would be unthinkable.

Mary Magdalene felt like she was in that black room. I’m sure someone told her to quit her life of immortality. “Just quit”, they likely told her. But by that point, she was truly walking in darkness and could see no way out.

When she hears about Jesus, she comes to Him in her darkness and shame. He doesn’t tell her to clean up first. He doesn’t ignore her. He accepts her and loves her. And she responds.

Do you think she ever dreamed that? Do you think she ever dreamed she would feel the lightness in her soul again?

History knows Mary’s name because she took that first step.

So look to God as your light during this process of recovery. Don’t look at the darkness around you. See that light ahead of you on the path, giving you just enough light to take the next step.

That’s all you have to do.

Take the next step.

God bless and you will get better.

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