Have you cried out for healing?

And when Jesus departed from there, two bling men followed him, crying out and saying, “Son of David, have mercy on us!”

Matthew 9:27-30.

Believe it or not, depressed people often don’t think to ask for healing. Probably because depression, unlike almost every other illness, is often considered self-induced. While some of it certainly is, most illnesses have human footprints all over them.

Some illnesses are practically heroic. They get the attention and sympathy they should.

But never depression.

And yet, some of the bravest most courageous people are those who go about living their days, taking care of their families, going to work and yet dealing with that horrible sense of dread that no one understands unless they’ve been its victim as well.

They don’t cry out because they don’t think their illness is even worthy of mention much less healed.

But just like the blind men’s story in Matthew 9:27-30, you can cry out as well.

Imagine if you felt that same sense of need as they did? And the question is, “Do you”.

Do you feel an urgent sense of need for healing from your depression? If you do, are you praying about it?

These blind men knew what they wanted. They weren’t afraid to name it. They knew what they wanted.

Do you know what you want? Do you want to be depression-free?

That doesn’t mean praying just one time for healing. But it doesn’t NOT mean that either. God heals in all kinds of way and in all different time frames.

God heals depression by opening your eyes to how you may be contributing to your illness. God heals by prompting a doctor’s visit to determine any medical reason. God heals by a doctor prescribing medication or counseling. Very often God heals one day at a time.

One thing is for sure, God generally doesn’t heal unless He’s invited to do so.

It begins with the asking.

The blind men knew that.

Do you?

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2 thoughts on “Have you cried out for healing?

    • I so apologize for being so late here. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had nothing but trouble with this second blog but I think all the kinks have now been worked out. Thank you so much for commenting and God bless you.


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