More pictures of my absolutely adorable, “happy place”

I promised to show you more pictures of my cute little she-shed. You can see my reflection in the mirror. It’s so hard to take a picture with a mirror in it.

We added the shelves between the studs. I always knew I wanted to do that. I never wanted real walls. This way I have lots of decorating options.

Everything was purchased at a thrift store or something I DIYed. (Except for the futon which we bought new.)

The hanging piece behind the sofa was something I created a while ago just for this new look. It was my inspiration piece. The ruffle futon cover was purchased for $2.50 at Goodwill because it has a mark from a permanent marker. I had just bought the $6.00 throw from a store called Aldi’s so I used it to cover the mark.

The fabric on the pillows was from a mission store near our cabin. It was a curtain swag that was at least ten feet long. I got it for $.50 because it had a whole in it. I knew I would use it pillow covers so the hole didn’t matter.

You can see the lace in this picture.

Everything you see (again, minus the futon) I either bought at a thrift store, made or got from trash at the side of the road. The pale blue chest you see is one of those items. I called a friend when I saw it and she came helped me load it. It holds my painting supplies. The three gold pictures are Dollar Tree frames I used for printed scrapbook paper.

The lamp on the left has been many different colors. It was in our home, then stored in the basement. It’s been black, white, blue, gold and now Pink Peony. The shade has been as many neutrals and white colors as you can imagine. The air conditioners on the floor are spoiling the picture but this is where we store them for the winter and it isn’t warm enough yet to install them in the cabin.

The coffee table was $12.00 (a higher price than I usually pay) from Good will. The rugs were $3.00 apiece from a home improvement store. I used double faced carpet tape at each corner to make one big rug. I plan on replacing them with something else..

The drape at the top is an old curtain I use to drape across the beams to block the sun as I have a skylight in the ceiling.

I am in the process of white-washing the floor. I started it last year but ran out of time. Because the floor stain is kind of reddish, whitewashing it making it look pinkish. How great is that?

I will probably paint the arms on the futon either white or gold.

Another view.

This is an old chandelier I decorated with one bunch of flowers from Walmart that costs $3.00. I toned them down with a soft shade of pink. I hope to add another one this summer.

Below is a wall sconce I bought last summer for $l.00 at find a garage sale. You can’t tell but it’s a very soft pink spray paint. It’s called Pink Peony by Rustoleum. It’s such a soft pinkish/peachish color. I have yet to find the perfect color candles.

I managed to get most of this done in a day or two. I have some more plans. I want to add a gauzy fabric at the ceiling rather than what I have up there now. I want soft, feminine, sweet, over the top girly.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. As I posted yesterday, this is my happy place.

God bless and I really pray you have a good day.

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