A sneak preview of my adorable she-shed in her new clothes.

Every once in awhile, I like to change it up on this blog and post some fun stuff.

I have this adorable she/shed about thirty feet from our main cabin, which is also very small. We did add a “real” bedroom two years ago. Before that, it was just an alcove in the main living space.

Can I just say that up north is truly my “Happy Place.” The fun I had decorating it the first time around was beyond the pale. My first house to decorate from the beginning. It was cute but it’s over-the-top cute now. Orignally, I decorated it in shades of blue. Now I’m going all gold, pink and white.

I’m not quite done as I need to decide what to do for the floor.

Ove the week, I’m going to be giving you some glimpses and then by Friday, I hope to show it all to you.

This “heart” is a round of gold nails used in nail guns. I love working with this stuff. I used them as decorative hardware at the top of my curtains.


I’m not using them like now so I decided to shape them into a heart.

I was at a garage sale and the woman in charge told me I could just have them. I sprayed them gold, then

I “framed” one of them in an open frame.

I had some left over so I gave them the same paint treatment and placed them in these sconces that I dry brushed white over gold. I collect the lightweight sconces and use them over and over again in different ways. I don’t like the heavy ones.

The walls aren’t shiplap but they look like it. It’s just the inside view of the boards used for the she-shed. I refused to cover up the walls and left all the beams exposed. My husband and I white-washed the wood. It was a “huge” job. The ceiling is a pale, pale blue that we also whitewashed. That was even harder. Can I just say, my husband is a good sport.

Here’s a picture of the ceiling. It’s a very plae sea-green blue that we basically drybrushed on the ceiling.


Back to the present.

Here is what it looks like from a wider view. I couldn’t a good picture of these amazing curtains. They are ruffle, on ruffle, on ruffle. Wouldn’t you know it, they are no longer available and I’m one pair short for the “kitchen” area. They are pretty uneven but it really didn’t matter to me. Wouldn’t recommend them for a normal house but for this, they were perfect.

Here is the kitchen. The blue basket you see will get painted pink, white or gold. I just ran out of time. You can see un the uncurtained area. I will also be changing out the floor rug which is 16 small rugs ($3.00 each I found at a home improvement store. I used double-sided tape to make one big rug. They stay in place with no problem.

I have started white-washing the floor but don’t know if I will continue with that or cover the whole floor with something. Would be too expensive for laminate and because it’s not heated in the winter, that could prove problematic.

Here’s a picture of the rug from my “blue” stage.

I will keep these rugs for a future project. Might dye them or even paint them.

Can’t wait to show you my unbelievable finds at Goodwill for the futon and the fabric I found for the pillows. There’s a good story behind the purchases.

I’m having so much fun redecorating this space. I love sitting on the porch and having my quiet time with God. As you can see the porch is a completely different color scheme. That’s because the exterior of the she-shed needed to match the cabin which is red and white. So I had to decorate the porch with that in mind.

I have since recovered the back cushions in a smaller black and white check. Oh, this settee has two matching chairs which of which you have seen one already. These were a steal from Goodwill at $60.00 for all three pieces. I almost didn’t buy the settee as I didn’t think it would fit. My husband said it would. I believed him and I’m so happy I did.

Just looking at his space makes me feel at peace.

bunkhouse porch/inspirational/enjoying last days of summer

I hope you enjoyed the change of pace. I need to add though that having interests is so important when battling depression. For me, I almost HAVE to do something creative every day for my mental well-being. It’s part of who I am.

I hope you have some interests, some hobbies. If you don’t, experiment with lots of different things and I know you’ll find something. Hard to do if you’re going through depression but good to have in your backpocket when you’re doing better and want to stay on the upside.

God bless and have a really good day.

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