Disappointment is harder when you are depressed

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I know that full well. Psalms 139:14”

Most of us bounce right back from minor disappointment. Oh, it might cause us a twinge but we say to ourselves, “There’ll be another time.” Or “We’ll do that later.”, or “I’ll find something else to do.”

But when you’re depressed, you do the one thing you should never do and that is to take it to heart as though it is a reflection of who we are. Depression is such a game changer in our head that we immediately think it has to do with us personally.

“They don’t want to be around me.” (Translated as there’s something wrong with me.)

“We aren’t important enough.” (Translated as I’m “less than”.)

“They don’t like me.” (Translated as, they like other people better.)

And many times, it makes no difference what it is. It may be so remote it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with us and yet we circled around it enough, we find a connection to prove us right.

Someone is busy and we think they’re ignoring us. A clerk at a store doesn’t smile, and it plummets our mood. The usually friendly barista doesn’t say much and we are crushed.

If that sounds like you, it’s something to be aware of and address. Why are you thinking that way? What about the times you give off the same vibes to someone else? How does that make you feel?

This taking-things-personally is a huge problem when you’re depressed. The next time it happens, immediately pay attention to how you’re feeling and try to turn it around. Remind yourself of what God says about you:

You are wonderfully and fearfully made.”

God does not lie. He is not given to falsehood. You are as valuable to Him as His own son which is why such a sacrifice was made.

So the next time you are disappointed, remind yourself that God will never disappoint you.

God bless and I am praying for you as always.

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