Sadness is a part of life.

It is SO hard to let people go. I will never forget the summer each of my children moved 12 hours away in different directions.

I was sitting in my garden crying and feeling sorry for myself when two little birds perched on my garden fence. They played and cavorted but kept coming back to the fence right near my shoulder. They didn’t fly away when I moved. In fact, I don’t think I could’ve even shooed them away if I wanted. I would get up and walk around and come back and they would fly over and perch once again.

I felt the presence of God speaking to me through these little birds and reminding me that as He cared for the tiniest of birds, how much more He cares for me. That’s it’s OK to cry and be sad. That just like those birds my children are born to fly away but they’ll always come back.

They did and we are closer than ever.

Life is bittersweet at times and each new bittersweet phase is just another time for God to prove Himself faithful.

Sometimes though it takes a while to get there. To believe that God is faithful. That the world will be “right side up” again.

As we age (no matter our age), we deal with more and more loss. We lose jobs. Our children grow up. Friends or relatives die. We move. Others move. We lose some of our health. We give up on some dreams.

It just takes some of us longer than others. Not because we are weaker but because we feel deeper. Things affect us more.

Failure to accept change is nothing to be ashamed of. But it IS something to face. It IS something we need to address. Because change IS going to happen whether we want it to or not. That doesn’t mean life isn’t worth living. It just means we have to create a different “worth” in our life.


If you are facing unwelcome change and you sense you are falling into a pit of despair, remember that God knew you would be here in this place at this time. He was way ahead of you on this path and is waiting now to help you walk further along this road.

Change is hard. Unwelcome change is really hard. Put one foot in front of the other. Get through this day. Get through the next. Don’t think about how you will do it. Just do it, a moment, an hour, a day, a week at a time.

You might be surprised because you might find yourself even happier.

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