A “just for fun” post to brighten your day

It’s hard to write about depression every day. I feel I have to be careful not to give it a life of its own by writing about it daily. It might make you feel that’s who you are.

And it isn’t.

Depression is an illness which you can overcome. It’s not incurable. It’s not permanent and it’s not an illness that’s all-dimensional. I’ll bet that there are times you actually have other interests and when you pursue them, you feel better.

So today I just wanted to share with you a little craft/decorating project.

I was having some bad issues with IBS a couple of weeks ago and my sweet husband brought me home some roses. (The kind from the grocery store. The kind that wilt quickly. He didn’t know that, of course, and I didn’t tell him. They were beautiful nonetheless.

As they began to wilt I peeled off the wilting petals and almost threw them away when I thought, “Wait a minute. I know what I can do with them.”

I had a tiny little antique silver tray. I simply lay the petals on the try and voila’, instant decorating. Sometimes it’s the simplest of actions that can brighten our day.

Here’s the tray. Measures about 8 inches by about 4 inches.

a tiny oval antique tray on a black background

The finished product.

partial view of a small antique silver tray with pink-tipped roses on top
small silver tray with pink-tipped petals on top against a black background

small silver tray with rose petals on top sitting on small white table.

Do something small today that makes your home or office space prettier. It certainly doesn’t have to involve rose petals or antique trays.

Look around your surroundings whether at work or at home. Is there something you can move around? Is there something you can straighten up? Sometimes something really small can brighten our moods.

God bless and have a good day.

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