Those small victories no one sees but you.

Keep track of your small victories over depression. I’ll bet you’re doing better than you think you are. The problem is that you are not tracking your progress.

Some people find it helpful to keep a record. This could be extremely simple. Don’t make it complicated. Buy a cheap calendar from a dollar star. Decided on symbols you might use to record your unique victories. You also might want to quickly jot down what was going on that day so buy a calendar that gives you space to write.

Then decide for yourself, how would you define for yourself a small victory?

For example, what would be a victory for you? Would it be making your bed every day? Maybe getting dressed every day?

If you employed outside your home, would you count it a victory if you smiled three times (an arbitrary number) during the day? If you engaged in conversation with someone? If you didn’t get irritated in traffic?

Whatever would make you feel like you’re getting somewhere is something you need to be aware of and the only way to do that is to have a way to track it.

Many of you have been managing your depression haphazardly. If you were seeing a mental health professional, they would help you develop a strategy and would keep you accountable.

You can do this yourself. No one but you needs to know about those things you are “tracking”. Quiet victories, ones nobody but you know about, are sometimes the most rewarding. It’s kind of like having a delicious secret that only you can savor.

You will smile at yourself with every victory you experience.

Give this a try. Write down three small things you can do that will make you smile at yourself. It’s a wonderful feeling.

God bless and I pray this is a really good day for you.

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