Why we don’t have to cheat to get into heaven

We are blessed in knowing that we don’t have to “cheat” to get into heaven. Actually, we can’t even if we tried. Even though people do try.

They try by giving lots of money, by serving on church boards, by attending church, etc…While these are all good, they have nothing to do with our entrance to heaven although some churches put great emphasis on these outward signs.

Some people make sure you know about all their good deeds. Again, no guarantee for heaven. In fact, Jesus had a lot to say about people who made a great show of their “goodness”.

In fact, the last thing we will be asked is how well we did in those areas. Actually, it will probably never come up. Instead we will be asked how well we loved those who came across our paths.

And when you’re depressed, it’s really hard to show love. You are so caught up in your own misery you’re not giving much thought to anyone else.

So what are you to do?

First of all, don’t depend on your feelings. If you are trying at all to get better, you are showing love to those around you. There’s nothing more loving we can do than take care of ourselves.

Don’t heap on the guilt. When you hear that sermon in church and all you can think of is how you’re going to get through the day, that’s OK. There is nothing else you need to do but put one foot in front of the other and accept God’s love.

Cheating is wrong. Period.

So don’t cheat yourself of God’s grace.

God’s grace is free.

God’s grace is not based on merit.

Grace doesn’t depend on your mental health. (In fact, you will probably experience greater grace when you’re feeling your worst.)

I hope you’re doing good today. I remember all of you in my prayers daily.

God bless.


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